Divorce and Divorce Attorneys

Families today only seek lawyers when presented with a situation where they need one. It is actually the reason why most couples have a hard time going through divorce court processes. Couples are often faced by the question is divorce the only option of settlement? What if you don’t want to consent to a divorce? All of these unanswered questions can only be put to rest by outsourcing a competent family lawyer to help you through this wearisome process.  Find out more below on how you can find the best family lawyers Brisbane to represent you in court.

Opposing a Divorce

Options are rather limited when one intends to oppose a divorce. The court barely cares whether you want to proceed with a divorce or get back with your spouse and thus uses irreversible break of a marriage union as the ground for passing its verdict. Remember that all of the parties involved in the divorce case must attend all mandated court and counselling sessions.

For your opposition to be sustained, you may be needed to prove to the court that separation has not yet happened for the past 12 months. You can also alternatively prove to the court that both of you intend to get back together and repair your relationship in the near future. You, however, have up to 28 days to oppose a divorce by preparing the relevant response file and serving them before the elapse of this window.

Collaborative Divorce

This kind of divorce happens only when both spouses involved in the divorce case have a unanimous agreement that divorce is the best option for both of them. After making up their minds on a collaborative divorce, couples then try and bring to the table attorneys and other experts to smoothen the entire process.

Meetings are arranged where each of the involved spouses brings their attorneys along to the collaborative divorce attorney’s office. A settlement is then determined with each of the sides fighting for what they deserve. In an event that no agreement is reached, the collaborative divorce lawyer terminates the contract and allows the couple to seek justice from the court of law.

The collaborative divorce option also, however, presents you with the opportunity to alleviate your predicament through mutual agreements. You can also share information and collaborate to mitigate further expenses on the divorce process. This presents you with the platform to negotiate your terms and come up with a favourable settlement for both of you. In order to find the best attorney to hire, consider the following tips during your search.

  • Find out the cost of hiring them. By doing your own price research, you could ascertain an average price to work with in order to mitigate extortion and also being undercharged by unprofessional lawyers.
  • Ensure the attorney of your choice is specialised in that particular field. Do not have a criminal attorney intervene in your case when they are less experienced in the matter. You should instead choose an experienced lawyer with good ratings and reviews from past clients.
  • Arrange for face to face meetings with all prospective divorce attorneys before deciding on your ultimate choice. Through such interactions, you can follow your instincts on who to hire while also assessing their character and credentials.