Leadership Development Skills

The path to becoming a leader is challenging, yet more people in today’s workplace are called up to take up leadership roles. Becoming a leader is not easy, but there are practical ways you can learn to move forward towards that path. These practical ways of becoming a good leader can be done internally with your team members or with an external facilitator’s aid. Surprisingly, these steps are available online, and you can impart these skills by attending online training workshops.

There are practical leadership activities effective at introducing leadership skills and concepts to prospective leaders. Leaders have a responsibility to undertake for their team. They must pay attention to the following while acting as a leader and a point man for the team:

  • Set the climate of a workplace
  • Become an inspiration to your team members by playing a role model
  • Set and enforce values for the team and ensure every team member articulate
  • Responsible for improving the team’s spirit and cohesion
  • Become a point man for the team and create a channel for communication
  • Develop leadership skills in team members

These leadership responsibilities shouldn’t be overlooked, and they don’t come naturally to everyone. Leadership skills can be learned through self-dedication, hard work, and determination. Commitment to self-growth begins with self-awareness and gradually mastering the art of leadership through the day to day experiences. The good thing is; there are several tools one can use to develop leadership skills in them. Coaching, leadership training, and peer support are some of the fundamental tools in leadership skills development.

Online teams need leadership too. Leaders’ roles can be seen during difficulty or change; they are supposed to offer support and empowerment to team members to transition and perform their duties well. Leadership has to continue even when we work remotely.

Here are some of the curated leadership activities that strengthen leadership skills and enhance team-building skills. Some of these skills can be learned online using virtual meetings or online whiteboards. Most of these leadership activities are geared towards improving team spirit and cohesion, communication, and teamwork. As a leader, some of these games are timely for your getaway sessions or during leadership workshops.

Leadership envelopes

This activity helps participants articulate leadership principles into practice. They will work in groups depending on the number of participants and translate on-the-job behaviours and assess leadership roles vital for a team’s success.

Favourite manager game

Every participant here employs empathy by taking perspectives of different leaders and later on reflects on the positives and negatives of each managerial principles. Finally, as a team, assess principles that are effective in the actual workplace and encourage them to transfer the same skill for the team’s benefit.

Leadership pizza

It is a simple development framework where each individual is tasked to employ the roles and skills they find attractive to them, put to practice, and finally assess its impacts before using them to set standards and goals for their teams. It is vital because not all the leadership skills you admire in others are right for your team.

Advice from a role model

If you have a role model in the industry you aspire to be like them in the future, this program invites people to think of those people, discuss their leadership skills and principles they possess and explore their values.

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